Using Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Honey and cinnamon for weight loss, could it be true? A match made in heaven as honey and spice make everything taste just right; but did you also know you can use these two flavors to drop some extra weight in the mean time. I know when the words cinnamon and honey come up in the same sentence it is not often referring to the weight losing properties of these two items. According to many articles published in scientific journals and the accumulation of over centuries of folk medicine honey and cinnamon are beginning to make some heads turn as the two find their way into people’s weight loss regimen. Aimed with a license to satisfy any sweet tooth this old couple is teaching that bad habits do not have to die-hard.

Honey and Cinnamon  For Weight Loss ?

So, you may be wondering how legit is this new combination and does it really help people loss weight or is it just the next big fad to roll into town? If this seems a little to good to be true then lets take a walk down memory lane and shed some light on this subject. According to an article titled Honey & Cinnamon Cure published in Weekly World News. In folk medicine cinnamon has been used widely to cure many ailment, most notably there are currently studies on the clinical effects of many Chinese herbal remedies using the two ingredients. There are three basic components found in cinnamon’s essential oils located in its bark that gives this spice it’s amazing healing abilities which is possibly, why through out history it has been the go to medication.

How Does Cinnamon Help With Losing Weight?

In recent test done by the Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, “Several compounds isolated from cinnamon may one day become the key natural ingredients in a new generation of products aimed at lowering blood sugar levels,” published in Agricultural Research magazine (cinnamon lowering blood insulin levels). For those that are not aware insulin is a chemical that the body produces naturally to help regulate blood sugar levels in the body, but due to our large intake of processed foods millions of people have impaired sugar and fat metabolism which overtime can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. Cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity and awakens insulin receptors allowing our body to proactively regulate blood sugar level and reduce fat build up.

How Does Honey and Weight loss?

Not all sugars are created equally and honey is no different. It is my belief moderation is the key to sugar intake and refined processed sugars should be avoided especially high fructose syrups. Honey unlike many other sweeteners totes a laundry list of added benefits that many other sweeteners don’t offer which is why it gets first choice over others. Honey has a 1:1 ration of glucose to fructose combination meaning it does not produce the spike in blood sugar levels as other sweeteners do. If you have not notice by now controlling blood sugar levels is key to controlling weight. In some cases, honey has shown signs of reversing some of the signs of insulin resistance. Other sugars actually block insulin receptors making it more difficult for your body to regulate blood sugar levels. Studies have shown cinnamon and honey teas to decrease craving for carbohydrates and increase appetite suppression.

Helpful Recipe Combining Honey and Cinnamon for Weight

How to Make Your Own Weight Loss Cocktail


1:2 ratio of cinnamon to honey mixed in a warm glass of water 30 minutes before breakfast and prior to going to if taken daily it can reduce weight gains.


*Please note: Cinnamon can become toxic if taken over long periods of time, when purchasing both cinnamon and honey it is best to consult with a health supply store to find wholesome and pure ingredients with little to no processing. Consume cinnamon that is water-soluble if you will be taking it over long periods of time.

**Disclaimer: Prior to taking any health or dietary advice it is best to consult with your physician to assist with making the right decisions about your health.




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